Moving To A New Location? Consider These Questions If You Are

Thinking of purchasing a house is a huge decision. Thinking of buying a house in a new location is an even bigger one. Before you make the decision to relocate to a permanent address, it’s important to learn as much as possible about the new town or city you plan to call “home”.

Some locations have been romanticized and others vilified so much so that the perceptions you might have are strikingly different from reality. Therefore, it will be worth your while to get to know the area from safety to recreation and everything in between. To help you make the correct decision, here are 6 questions to ask before buying in a new area.

  1. What is the neighbourhood like? Plan a weekend to visit the neighbourhood and experience what life is like there. Drive around a little, stop at the local stores and allow your senses to take in the sights, sounds and smells of the area. Is it a “shut in” community where everyone stays inside or is it neighbourly where the residents walk and talk with each other? Make sure to explore both during the day and at night, as this will give you a more complete view of the neighbourhood. You might be in for a lifetime of Friday all-night parties disturbing your sleep if you fail to adequately research.
  2. What amenities are there? Some communities have many essential amenities that help to make your overall life easier. Other communities are not so giving and will force you to go outside to get your errands done. Is there a post office? Is there a pharmacy? Is there a doctor’s office or day care centre? Think about what’s important to you and find out if these amenities are located in the community or nearby. Ease of access can make a huge difference in your living experience. 
  3. How safe is the area? Safety is of paramount importance in 2021 and you will want to ensure that you will be able to live in relative peace and safety in your new community. Is the community prone to break-ins or car thefts? Is there a nearby police station? Is there an active neighbourhood watch in place. These are all worthwhile considerations to have and ones which you should have answers to.
  4. Are there local schools? If you have a family with school aged children, a nearby school could be the deciding factor in making the move to a new community a reality. Are there primary and secondary schools? How do they perform academically? What extracurricular activities do they provide that would aid in the development of your children? You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you have to take your children to school in one direction an hour away and then to work an hour away in the opposite direction especially if your current school routine is not time consuming. Take your time to determine what your daily routine will be and the impact it will have on your days before making a decision.
  5. Will you be adequately entertained? Will you be able to take part in your favourite pastime? Whether you enjoy night clubbing, watching movies at the cinema, eating out or going to the beach – it’s advisable to check if your new location has everything you need to keep you entertained. If you’re into fitness, investigate the local gyms and running trails. If you love adventure, check that there are adventure parks nearby, as you might not want to travel far every time you want to ride an ATV.
  6. Is the house a good investment? Consult a local real estate agent to keep abreast of what’s going on in the area and make a note of any new developments that the municipal corporation may be planning. Find out the average price of new home sales and whether the community is high density or low density. These factors will play a big role in whether the value of the house appreciates over time.

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